October 9, 2006

fun fun fun

What an exciting weekend I had. I finally got my ring. I was so excited. Chris and I went to the store on Saturday and picked it out. Well actually I picked it out and he agreed that its the most beautiful thing he ever seen besides me and the girls of course. I kept touching it all weekend to make sure it was real. Hannah makes sure that its still there. She got her self all worked up over a "what if". She says.....what if the ring falls down the drain. I said well if it does that then we will get it out or I will make Chris get another (I was joking about that one). She almost started to cry and said that she likes this ring and no other. I told her not to worry that I would not drop it down the sink and to stop being a drama queen. I swear she gets herself all worked up over the smallest things.
We went over to Chris's family's house yesterday for dinner. I got to show everyone my new ring. In know I talk about it a lot but sorry this is my blog and I am excited....

Saturday night my friend Sarah had a tarot card reading party. I have never had anything like this done before. I was pretty nervous, but decided to keep an open mind. She talked about lots of stuff. Family finiaces, health, love and relatinships and some other general stuff. She surprisingly got a lot of the stuff right. She seen the wedding and the girls and Chris. I still think that its all for entertainment, but I would do it again and had a lot of fun.
I will probably list the reading on another post. So check back in a couple of days for that.

I picked up my dress friday night. I guess they had it in the warehouse and I got it right away. Its perfect. So much is going right I sure hope nothing bad happens.......


  1. Hey girl-

    Wow, the dress, the ring...it's all happening fast! Nothing will go wrong. You have your man and your family and everything will just fall into place. I'm so happy for you! Let's see the ring on your hand now!!

  2. WOW< I agree with ~EY, it is all happening so fast!

    btw- I tagged you
    check out my blog!

  3. Just another blogging chick stopping by to say 'hi!'. Congrats on your upcoming marraige! Your ring is absolutely beautiful. :)