October 5, 2006


He is finally here. I was about to contact the police and place a missing report and then "Poof" he's here like he has always belonged. He has made a nice little entrance so quite yet so loudly it was announced. He is very grateful that he is here as are we all. He came in just the knick of time because we were about to throw the mother ship out the door for the whining sounds that were coming constantly from the mouth. Yes internet, Alanna got another tooth. Its about DAMN time too! Alanna is 10 1/2 months old and FINALLY got her 3rd tooth. Its nestled up top all snug for now, and soon it will be popping out for all to see.

*I would also like to thank all the TT commenters below. I forgot to add a #14...I LOVE comments. You all made my day, really you did! Thank you*


  1. Hailey's teeth came late...which means that she is still teething those last few molars even though she just turned 2.


  2. Gah. The teething, it never ends. We have 2 bottom teeth through and 2 more visible around here. And she's been gnawing on stuff with her top gums. Yikes. Makes me kinda glad I'm not a baby.