November 24, 2006

Day 24, the thaw zone

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...mine was good. Good people good food, good times.

Did you all hear about the 55 in TV at Walmart for $475.? Chris and I did. We sat out front of Walmart from 9 pm Thursday to 5 am Friday when they opened. We were 5th in line. They gave away 4 TV's. Awesome huh? We sat outside in the cold for 8 hours to get nothing....well not nothing we shopped but hey the TV would have been worth it right? It definitely was an adventure. At first it was fun we talked with the people in line, and they made us laugh. Then the cold started to sit in. We actually had to go to Meijer down the road to buy heat pads for our hands and feet. We sat in our lawn chairs with blankets. Some people brought tents and heaters. Sometimes we would sit in the car to heat up. Nobody slept...how could you in the fog and the cold. Oh, the fog was crazy you couldn't see 10 feet infront of you. I probably would never do it again...well maybe if I would have gotten the TV, but it was fun and I am happy to be home in the warm.
My mom kept the girls last night...I got a total of 4 hours, which is better than nothing. Its definitely true love to sit in the cold for 8 hours for a TV and walk out of the store with a Dora the Explorer, Volkswagen beetle bug power wheel, a portable DVD player with case and a cabbage patch doll when the only thing you went there for was the TV... But its okay, really!


  1. Bummer dude!
    I wish you would have gotten something!
    Hope ya'll had a GREAT Turkey day!

  2. Anonymous11/25/2006

    That sounds quite fun really!