December 9, 2006

I think she watches to much TV

(Background)-We live in a home community were the speed limit is like 5mph. There is only one entrance in and out. My future SIL lives in the same community just on the other side. She is watching the girls for me this morning because I had to go into work for a half day. I let Hannah sit in the front seat and I put Alanna right next to her. The following is a conversation between Hannah and me on the way over there.

Hannah: Your kinda like Brittney Spears mom.
Me: Oh yeah why?
H:Because you let Alanna sit in the front seat and not in her carseat.
Me: Well we are just going around the block to Aunt Lisa's, and I have her sitting right next to you and me
H: Good thing there are no cops in here or you would be on TV.


  1. That is HILAIOUS!! My oldest came in the room 5 munites before I read this and said, "Did you know Britney Spears had a baby? AND She put her baby in her lap and she was driving." And then I click on your blog and Hannah had said that to you. SO funny. Kids are so truthful, ya know? If it makes you feel better, I do that with my son down the street. Probably not the safest, but he loves it!!

  2. OMG! she is crackin me up!

  3. Anonymous12/11/2006

    I do the same driving in my lap with my 2 years old nephew ...only in the neighbourhood...he just adore it and I cannot stand his begging!