June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Father's Day to all the dads out there!
Chris had to work Saturday night so when he got home Sunday he was tired. He got exactly what he wanted for father's day and got good nights (day?) sleep. While Chris was sleeping me and the girls, my dad, step mom and step sister went to visit the a small festival that was being put on by the visit of a Tall Ship. The US Niagara came to town for open public tours. My dad is very into ships and we all had a really good time seeing how everything works. The ship is a real working ship in the sense that it goes out to sea (ocean?) and does its ship duties and has a full crew. Its amazing how big the top deck is and all the extras that come along with it.
There are cannons
The ship from a distance
A visit from the US Coast Guard
Even the girls had a good time looking out the "windows"
Over all we had a really good day. Everyone got what they wanted...Even me. We finally got our air fixed. Come to find out Chris' stepmom has a nephew that does heating and cooling. He heard that we needed some help and HOOKED a sister up! Brand new air conditioner for a fraction of the cost. Good Bless family with a trade! For a full view of the weekend check here.


  1. Thank God for family connections! Congrats on the air HOOK up! :-)

  2. Yeah you got your air back!!! So glad it didn't break the bank either. You know it will be worth whatever you paid for it come these Michigan summers...the humidity, ugh! Glad it's fixed!