September 3, 2007

rough days

I've had a really rough weekend these past couple of days. I've been trying to eat within my point range, but with bbq's and family get togethers it seems like I'm going over my points by 1 or 2 everyday. I've been really trying to eat well, but with hamburgers and chicken and hotdogs all on the grill its been really hard. Saturday I did get in a little bit of exercise but Sunday and then today not so much. It makes me nervous for weigh in on Wednesday. I only have 7 points left for dinner today and we still have to go to my father in laws house for dinner. Well, I guess with all my hard work, I will just keep trying and not let this discourage me. Wish me luck for Wednesday.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I can't believe summer is almost over!


  1. cut yourself some holiday slack! You've been doing great!
    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  2. I know where you are coming from! Just keep up the work and it will pay off... everyone hits a rut or two when trying to lose weight... I have hit a couple already!!!
    If you keep fighting, I'll keep fighting;)

  3. Girl I have been having issues too!
    THis last weekend killed me!
    (as I sit here eating baked lays)
    Sheesh, dieting is no piece of cake.. literally!