October 17, 2007

I {missed} you

My internet has been down for the past week, UGH! I have had limited posting options, since I try to not post a whole lot from work. Chris finally fixed the internet today so I will be able to post the pictures from over the weekend. We have some awesome pics of the apple orchard and also my nephews football game.

Oh also today was weigh in Wednesday. I gained a pound. I know, I am so sad too! But I was kinda celebrating all the weight loss my first session and didn't stop through the weekend. I had donuts, cider, pizza hut, bread sticks and on and on and on...But I am back and ready for next week. This time around my goal is 23 pounds...Thats gonna be tough since my session ends on January 3rd...that means I have to go through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years , Geez, talk about a challenge. I will take one holiday at a time I guess...

The girls got there flu shot last week, did I tell you this? All is fine for both except Alanna has not gotten over the fact she had a shot and still walks around at night in her night gown, gripping her theigh, whining boo boo momma. boo boo. Its quite amuzing!


  1. Good to have you back!

    Holidays and diets...good luck!! You can do it - like you said, one at a time! Have you seen that King of Queens episode where Kristi Alley has Carey eat thing FOR her? ha! You can just send your list to me and I'll eat for you! ha! Probably not a good idea though, SINCE I couldn't fit in my jeans this morning! LOL!