November 21, 2007

Day 21, ww

I'm really proud of myself this week. Even with Alanna's birthday party and eating my weight in pizza, I still somehow managed to lose 2.2 pounds. Making up for the 2 pounds I gained back last week plus another .2. I am at a total of 23.2 pounds. I am very nervous for tomorrow. Our family is heading out to Chris' families house, and they always have tons and tons and tons of great food. As long as I eat until stuffed (LOL) and then start fresh on Friday, hopefully there won't be a problem...Hope everyone has a happy Turkey day!


  1. secret: dont think you're dieting. Just relax and enjoy the holidays. :) then you'll have time to think about it. :)
    Good job with losing! I'm not reporting as I think I've gained some. Let's blame it to the doctor who doesnt know what I have :P
    happy thanksgiving to you too!!!

  2. Way to go Tasha!! Just enjoy Thanksgiving!

  3. Good luck with the holiday food! Have a good trip!