January 24, 2008

Nothing her mommy couldn't handle.

We had our first problem with Alanna's ears today. Her left one was leaking a clear fluid and it was really uncomfortable for her. She was in a lot of pain and crying. We took her back to the ENT doctor (we were just there on Monday). He said she did not have an ear infection (YAY), and the draining was from her sinuses, but it could have turned into an infection. He said we did good by bringing her in. He also told us some pretty interesting information. He said if she didn't have the tubes she would have had a nasty ear infection. The tubes are keeping the bacteria and the pressure off, so no infection yet. He also said that the drops he gave her are a mixture of pain reliever and antibiotics and they go directly to the middle ear which would heal up any infection that may be starting within 1-2 days vs an oral antibiotic that would start healing in about 5-7 days. He told us anytime we feel Alanna may be getting an ear ache to contact his office instead of her pediatrician, because the pediatrician will most likely give her the normal antibiotic and he would prescribe the drops and have her feeling much better in half the time. I really like the ENT dr we choose for Alanna. I wish he was a pediatrician, the girls would be seeing him for sure. Its strange to me to now say Alanna's ENT dr instead of just her dr. I'm not used to her having the special needs with her ears. I am glad that he was there to help her. By the time we got home she was feeling a little better, she even played babies with daddy. It was so sad in the dr office, she was so miserable. She was crying and would not get off my lap. She even fell asleep while we were waiting to be called in....Poor baby..
But she is on her way to being all better now.


  1. Hope she gets better soon! Sounds like the medicine he gave may have worked a miracle though! :-)

  2. Oh poor sweetie! That stuff must really work fast!