February 26, 2008

1st purchase for Florida

Here is out first purchase for our Florida trip. Its Alanna's bathing suit. We bought it at Meijer yesterday and she won't take it off. She runs around the house and yells papa sooooonnnnnn. Meaning that we are gonna see her papa really soon. Can't wait!

Saturday we met Lindsey for lunch. We had to pull her away from her wedding planning before she turns herself into a wedding dress or something.. I am so proud of Lindsey. I know how tough it is to plan a wedding and shes doing a fantastic job form the sounds of it.. She sounds so at ease and not stressed at all. Hopefully she can stay calm and collected. She only has 2 months to go..Kenny is a lucky gut to grab such a great gal.


  1. How fun is it to buy a swimsuit in winter and know you are going some place warm???!!!

    And, yes, Mr. Kenny is a lucky guy in getting Ms. Lindsey!

  2. they're getting so big! and so cute!

  3. Ahhhh thanks Tasha!! You're too sweet. And I'm going to tell Kenny you said that:) Oh yeah, the bathingsuit is ADORABLE!!!