March 6, 2008


I finally was able to get in touch with our County's ISD dept. This dept was recommended for us to have Alanna's speech and language assessed to see where she is at developmentally since her tubes were put in. When we seen her ENT dr in January he said he would send our info to them and they would contact us...Well I waited and waited and waited some more, then I took things in my own hands. It took me 2 days but we finally have a date to get her assessed. April 2. Its sounds far away, but with our vacation and my work schedule that was the best I could do. They were ready for an appt next week. I'm upset it can't be that soon, but at least I have a date to look forward to. They were really nice and I am looking forward to meeting the lady who will be coming to our home. She said she would work with Alanna to see developmentally were her communication and comprehension is and then refer her to a speech therapist if needed. I think it will be needed, but still looking forward to the visit. So April 2 we will know more...

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  1. That is only a month - less than a month and you are getting a headstart! Sometimes these things aren't picked up on until they enter school. So, kudo's to you for being a good momma! :-)
    Now, where's my snow you are suppose to be sending me? ha