March 24, 2008

The Easter weekend review

The 1st one seemed to turn out okay so here are a couple more..

My brother and Tammy came over with Kylee for a couple hours on Saturday..It was so much fun. I haven't seen my baby girl in a couple of months, and I have missed her so. We all dyed eggs later and it was a great day. Again please ignore all the back ground noise and focus in the 2 cuties!

The Easter Bunny brought "bags" for baskets this year and they were filled with goodies to keep the girls entertained on the way to Flordia and home. Here are some pics of the girls early Easter morning.

The weekend was a really great weekend and we had a fun time visiting all our family. The rest of the pictures are up here.


  1. Your Mom in Florida is going to love being able to see the girls on video!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Anonymous3/24/2008

    Thank you Easter Bunny!! Looks like the girls had a great morning!

  3. The baby is too cute, and the bags look yummy! I love coloring eggs! Glad you had a great Easter!