May 7, 2008

The weekend roundup

Over the weekend Kylee come to visit. She is so precious. We just enjoy her visits so much. I can;t wait to see how Alanna reacts to her new baby brother. She is so gentle and caring for Kylee when she is around. She calls her Ky-Ky. Which is just the cutest because that is what Hannah used to call my brother Kyle when Hannah was Alanna's age.

After Kylee went home Sunday Chris and I surprised Hannah with an early birthday gift.

Do you think she liked it? She hasn't gotten off it since. Don't cha know it goes so much faster than her old bike?

I remember writing last year about Hannah's 7 birthday. 8 is even harder to take in. My baby is no baby anymore. She hardly ever wants to cuddle and actually told me I was embarrassing her in the store over the weekend. Oh the days when I was her best and only friend. What I wouldn't do to have the precious little girl back. But we face new and better adventures as she grows. We share secrets and giggles and I can be there for her in other ways then kissing boo boos and cleaning her scraped knees. I can be there for her as a role model and still be that bestest friend I was to her when she was 4. I can be there to guide her into becoming a wonderfully intelligent woman and I can be there as her mom. As the years go by, that will never change.

More pictures of the weekend are here. And check back in a couple of weeks for Hannah's actual birthday tribute. I don;' know what it will be, but it will be special.


  1. Oh wow, Kylee is really growing!!
    Sweet pics & very cool bike - way to go Mom!

  2. i love my kylee :)

    hannahs bike is awesome!!!

    aunt tammy

  3. That is one hot bike!! Kylee has GROWN!!!

  4. Anonymous5/09/2008

    Kylee is a doll, Hannah is a sweetheart, the new bike is fab, and YOU are about to become even more embarrassing! LOL Just you wait and see....!