October 8, 2008

Swing review

When I was pregnant with Hannah my mom and close friends threw a baby shower for me. It was unbelievable, all the nice things I received for her and could not have been more thankful. After Hannah was born I was convinced that I was not having anymore children and therefore sold or gave everything, well most of it away. Infant car seats, strollers, highchairs, baby swings, bouncy chairs, all of it gone. So you could imagine my surprise when I became pregnant with Alanna and had nothing. However this was Chris' first child, so our friends and family gathered once again to help with another wonderful baby shower. Its not often that a girl gets 2 great baby showers.
When I found out I was pregnant with Ben, we were very excited. Finally a boy, but when we looked at all the items we had for baby, well you can figure it out....it was all pink. Now being our 3rd child, we did not expect our family to throw yet another beautiful baby shower, just because the colors were wrong. We weren't quite sure what to do...But thanks to Fisher Price and BSM Media, we were offered a great baby swing for Benjamin.
When we got it and put it together, which was very easy. I actually did it myself and if you know me, you are probably laughing at that last statement. We put Ben in the swing the seat was so soft that he curled right up and almost fell asleep. The swing has 3 positions for the cradle and the swing. It has one button that turns the seat from side to side and face view as you see in the picture above. The motion to change seat positions is so smooth, you can do it with one hand and the movement never wakes baby. The swing also has a very sweet mobile that hangs over the seat for entertainment if the your baby can resists its soft cushion and stay awake long enough. Ben can hardly master that part, but I think hes working on it.
Ben enjoys this swing very much and so does his mommy. Having the 2 older girls I'm not able to hold Ben 24 hours like I wish I could, being able to lay him down and know he is happy works for me.
Over at Newbaby.com, I have a video review of the Little lamb cradle and swing. You can see Ben not being his sweet little self.


  1. He looks so cute in there! Just so you know, after this week with my niece, I have even MORE respect for you!!

  2. He looks so sweet in there!