February 5, 2009

Gosh I love my job

For those of you who wonder. This is why I get nothing done all day. This is way better than laundry.


  1. Anonymous2/05/2009

    I agree. Loads (pun intended) better than laundry!!

  2. totally sweet! and much much better than ANY sort of household chore!
    Can I just say that Alanna is so much sweeter with Ben then Terri Jade would ever be with a new baby. Terri would straight ELBOW Drop a baby if he messed up her "cake" (or castle or ANYTHING that took her longer than a minute to create. yeah red headed temper!)

    (I am NOT ready to be preggers again. I NEED 6 more months for REAL!!!!!)

    "PLEASE GOD. DON'T PUNISH ME and make me be pregnant and HUGE again in the middle of summer! PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!" (can you tell I had 2 Fall babies?) I want a Spring child and a nice winter pregnancy!!! lol sorry I'm rambling!!! lol

  3. Ok - they are BOTH precious!! Love how Alanna pushes him off the blocks! heehee!