March 8, 2009

Mini vacation, and great friends

Just got back from our mini weekend vacation. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast. We went to some friends house about 2 hours away in western Michigan. Its sort of set back in the country and they live on a small non working farm. There is a BIG red barn out back and lots of trees. We visited an animal auction and walked around, we couldn't stay long because it was a rainy on and off sort of day, but it was still nice to be outside. We grilled food for dinner and played pool. It was far enough away to feel "on vacation" but not to far away to regret going home :) It was nice because they have a girl Hannah's age, and a boy Ben's age and Alanna played with everyone. So if our baby cries they get it and if there daughter is back talking and thinking she runs the house, we get it.. I like having friends like that, it puts you more at ease with your kids and you can enjoy yourself. Your not so worried what they might be thinking about you and your family. They "claimed" they had a great time with us and enjoyed the company, we will see if we get another invite out, we can be a little crazee when we get out in public, we call ourselves the traveling circus with 3 kids, LOL. We definitely will be back to visit when the weather gets warmer and let the kids run around and enjoy all the country air. Overall it was the getaway we needed: fun, fresh country air and cheap. Thanks to Mike and Jess for having us out...

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  1. A day in the country is a little slice of heaven!