March 16, 2009


1st up we have some pictures of Alanna before school. She loves riding the bus like her big sister.
The second picture would be of my 2 little girls while we were at Disney on ice. They both had so much fun. More pictures of the event are up at flickr. Third, we have the haircut day. Alanna used to hate when I would wash or brush her hair, so as sad as I was to see it go, it had to be done. They chopped about 4 inches off. Its hard to tell my the pictures but its pretty short for Alanna. She loves it. No more tears in the bathtub,and even brushing is easier. Before After
The fourth picture on our journey is the weekend away with friends. Here we have Hannah on the 4 wheeler. This 4 wheeler was a blast. You could let it go fast or really slow. It even had a walk behind rope to pull and it would stop the engine if it started to go to fast.
Here is me and Alanna. She even got to ride the 4 wheeler by herself. Hence the walk behind rope. More pictures are on flickr.All I have to say about this one, is cute little dirty boy. Love them teething biscuits!

And this picture, shows my sweet little boy getting into some mischief. He knows he is doing something he isn't supposed to, so he looks at me with that cute little smirk, and just dares me to tell him no. Oh yeah, he's got it already. This is just the beginning with him :) Of course there are many more of this here.
Now we are mostly caught up. Here are some pictures to our weekend. It was actually sunny and sort of not cold. We in Michigan call 50's in March hot, others may think thats still a bit chilly. We were not complaining though. Any weather that allows us no bulky winter coat is a nice day.
Then we joined some family for a nice spring dinner at Denny's. 2 of my favorite things, family and food.

Of course more pictures here. Also there are TONS of videos up at flickr. Some of Ben crawling and others of us just having fun. All are worth watching if you have the time.


  1. Anonymous3/16/2009

    I think they're awesome, and tell Alanna I love her haircut!

  2. Very cute!

    Drop by for an award - http://tc-twistedfairytale.blogspot.com/2009/03/friend-award.html

  3. Yay - the computer will load pics again! woo-hoo!
    I love four-wheeler riding!!

  4. Oh what great photos! I especially love the one of Ben eating food! I love seeing messy baby faces.

  5. Hi!
    I know what ya mean with the hair! I just wacked off all of my son's curls. I think the brush elves torture him at night b/c when he sees me coming with a brush ... he goes nuts! I agree much easier!