June 29, 2009

Burn Notice, season 2

My neighbor Deanna is the type of person to try anything once. She loves trying new things and this also applies to TV. She loves her some TV. With all the new and old shows to watch she finds the best ones. I on the other hand have a hard time actually sitting down to watch a new show until the kids are in bed, so Deanna is there to tell me which ones are good and which ones to skip. She knows me and she knows what I like. This past time she just happened to be right on the money with a show I crave every week. Burn Notice, I missed season 1 , but thankfully USA plays marathons, I got caught up really fast. Season 2 was just as actioned packed and surpassed the likeness I had for season 1.

Its a series on USA, Thursday nights about a man, Michael Weston who used to be a spy. One day he was burned. In spy world being burned means he no longer has access to his money, his connections, his job. The show takes place in Miami FL, and along side him he has Fiona, his ex girlfriend who loves to make things explode, Sam, his best friend, and Madaline his chain smoking, on a need to know basis mother. Michael is your modern day McGuyver and very smart. Which I guess you would have to be to stay alive being a spy. During the show Michael is trying to figure out who burned him, each episode brings him a little closer to the truth, but also a little closer to being shot at or beat up. I like that the show is clever, witty and has family involved. Michael loves his mother and tries to keep her safe. There is never a dull moment and keeps you guessing.

Season 3 just recently started. Its not to late to tune in, and catch up. You won't be sorry you did, but you will be if you miss it.

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