July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday

My sweet boy turned 1 yesterday.
We celebrated with friends and family
with BBQ, and cupcakes.
He was overwhelmed but excited
Happy but sleepy.
This past year has been filled with ups and downs,
but the greatest up this year was Ben.
He has been the greatest addition to our family, and rounds it out very nicely.
These last 12 months have flew by,
here is what Ben has been up to.
Ben can sit up, crawl and has 2 teeth.
2 more teeth are just about to pop through.
He will only eat table food and will spit out any form of baby food I try to sneak in.
He took his first steps on July 13 and has practiced everyday since.
He will let go and take 1-2 steps between toys.
He says, stop, daddy, mama, ba, kitty, bird and all done.
He likes to kiss his 2 big sisters, but loves to pull their hair more.
He cuddles, and loves to dance.
Ben loves to laugh and will do anything to make you laugh.
He likes yo gabba, gabba, and blues clues.
He growls like a lion and lays on his belly to read books.
He thinks every toy he has is a car and will make the vroom, vroom sounds while he plays,
even if he is playing with a stuffed dog.
Ben is a joy and a delight to be with.
I could go on and on about all the cute and funny things Ben does through out the days
and how much he means to me and my family,
I love you so much, and I am so overly blessed to be able to stay home with you day after day.
Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy
*Pictures of the party can be seen at flickr. Just click on the pictures on top to view all of them.*


  1. the party was awesome!!! love u guys

  2. Happy birthday to the little man!

  3. Oh you made me cry with this one Tasha!! Happy Birthday Ben!! Your family loves you so much little guy!!