August 7, 2009

And the award goes to...

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Punk Rock Chic for this awesome award. I just started reading her, and she is funny, spunky and tells it like it is. I really enjoy that. Plus we live close by each other and hopefully one day get our boys together to play since they are so very close in age. I find that when she writes her posts, I bob my head up and down in agreement and wonder why I never thought about writing the same post, because everything she is saying sounds like me.

So now I guess I am suppose to pick 15 people to pass this onto, However it is nap time and I have 2 crabby babies to lay down and then I need that much needed shower of the week, kidding...maybe. So here are a few I have time to link to.
Lori-because she is funny and a great teacher and I CANNOT wait to see her as a mommy
LOL-because she is a great friend IRL (in real life) and the best new mommy eveh!
Michelle-because we share the same birthday, Happy Birthday!
Tana, are you blogging this week, or just twitter, LOL-because she is plain FUNNY and we will be meeting up this summer if it kills us!
Noe-just because she is like the sweetest blog friend EVER!
DesignHER Momma-because she is prego and about to have 3 kids...SCARY
Twisted Cinderella-because she is prego and also about to have 3kiddos running around, and I love her honesty, plus Ben and Princess Magpie are days apart...They will marry one day..I swear!

So I know its not 15, but cut me some slack I just wrote this post in like 4 minutes...


  1. Thank you Tasha!! You're very sweet! And yes, we will be meeting up next week FOR SURE!!

  2. Thank you!! I am honored to accept this award! heehee!