October 5, 2009

sick, sicker, sickest

I'm posting some pictures to flickr of our visit with my mom and stepdad. While they were here we visited a farm with some fun activities for the kids. A hayride, animals, pig racing, a jump house and riding toys, miniature mazes, tubes to roll in, duck races, and corn mazes. We all had a great time. They had a HUGE fire pit and even a smore kit you could purchase that came with everything plus sticks to roast your marshmallows...how cute!

Friday we hung out around the house and Saturday did some shopping, the kids got their Halloween costumes...(so cute). Sunday early morning my mom and Tim took off to the airport, and had a safe trip home.

Last Thursday Ben was at the drs with a sinus infection....Starting Saturday Alanna had a pretty high fever of about 103....That lasted until Chris and I took her to the ER Sunday night because her fever didn't break for over 24 hours....She was diagnosed with croup. She is home from school for a couple of days....Its viral so no medicine can be given. Today she is doing a little better her fever is 99.5 but she is still barking and not eating.

Over all we had a great visit with my mom and stepdad...We are heading to Florida for Christmas and they will be back in the spring, so lots of visiting will be done in the next couple of months.

I am going to be taking a few days break from blogging to give the kids the extra snuggles, hugs and kisses they need to get better. If all goes well, we have a Halloween party on Thursday and I will be back then to update.


  1. Thinking of you...hope YOU don't get it so you can take care of the little ones!

  2. Hope they are all getting better!! And don't YOU get sick!!!