November 30, 2009

The Battle at the Smithsonian

Larry Daley, used to be a nights watchman at the Museum of Natural History, where with the magic of a special tablet the exhibits came alive after dark. Larry's new busy work schedule has kept him away for several months, on a rare visit to the museum Larry learns that his exhibit friends will be transferred to the Smithsonian archives and left to be forgotten. A few nights later Larry receives a call from Jed a "small" friend who tells him that something has gone terribly wrong and that there is an angry Egyptian trying to steal the tablet to take over the world! Larry rushes to the aid of his friends but not without an adventure along the way. With help from old friends and new ones like Amelia Earnhardt, and General Custer Larry tries to save the Smithsonian and the world!
I LOVE this movie. I thought the first movie Night at the Museum was a great one, and now the sequel is just as funny, and heart warming. I also like how the movie contains pieces of information from history and how it comes to life. It makes you want to learn more about the characters and its fun doing so!

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