November 25, 2009

I am thankful for...

November 24, 2009
I am thankful for Olgas Kitchen. Its a restaurant that I very much enjoy. I used to work there when I was 16 and made some great friends from that job. My best friend Sarah and I go there every time we go out together and its also Hannah and Chris' favorite too. Alanna and Ben are also starting to enjoy it. Last night when Sarah, me and Hannah went to the movies to nee New Moon, we ate at Olgas. Its always so yummy and I have NEVER had bad food. I don't think Olgas is everywhere, because I know there isn't one in Florida. Whenever my step dad comes for a visit he must stop at Olgas for some yummy snackers.

There food is unique...being served on bread. Its a mix between flatbread and tortillas and oh so yummy. The snackers are deep friend bread with a seasoning on them and they are served with almond cheese...also oh so yummy.

My "2 cents" on New Moon.
I thought it was excellent. I was very impressed with the movie, and thought it was 100 times better than Twilight. I thought is followed the book very closely and only found 1 or 2 times is strayed. But it worked. I cannot stress how much better this movie was than Twilight. I could not stop grinning through the whole movie...it was great and I am thrilled for Eclipse to come out. The chemistry that Bella and Jacob has in New Moon is outstanding and the over all acting is also great. I really don't think there is one complaint I have about this movie. Where with Twilight I have many complaints and really wish they would remake Twilight already with a better director. I am sorry for any Katherine Hardwick fans out there, but the new director for New Moon was awesome. I thought every new character "got it" and I really love Dakota Fanning as Jane. I cannot wait to see her character grow in the upcoming movies...Just thinking about New Moon makes me giddy inside. I will be seeing this movie over and over, where with Twilight I have not watched it since we got the DVD and I watched it once.

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