November 30, 2009

Thank you, for I am thankful

WOW, November 30. My 30 days of Thankfuls are up today. I must say I am Thankful for far more than what made it here during the 30 days, and I just hope I can remember that come the summer time when the holidays are a far off thought. Today I must say I am thankful for this blog.
Not only did it help me meet some wonderful friends, it has helped me through some rough times, and it also keeps my family up to date on many things. Sometimes I forget who actually reads this and I will be talking to my mom on the phone and repeat some stories and she has to stop me to tell me she already read about it, LOL.
My blog doesn't make me money on a regular basis but I have been lucky to meet some great business people and do some even better reviews and giveaways. All I can hope for is that I get to keep doing what I love and that there are actually people out there who like to hear about how we are always sick or going to the circus or even when we head out of town for vacations. Thank you for being my faithful readers as I am most thankful for YOU!


  1. I love your family stories and am thankful for you too!

  2. Anonymous12/04/2009

    I'm guilty of not being a faithful reader as of late...but it's not you..it's ALL of my blog reading. I'm going to try to do better...and you know I love you anyway! Keep those stories coming!