November 26, 2009

Theres just so much to be thankful for.


Today I am thankful for being able to be Thankful. I have a house, a great family, a loving husband good kids, friends, and stuff (stuff I need, stuff I don't need...food, clothes, clutter). Do this 30 days of being thankful has really opened my eyes to how grateful I am....I struggle with posts each day because there is SO MUCH I am thankful for that I don;t know what to write. Through this month I have been thankful for Chris for so many different reasons, and then it makes me think there are others out there who don't have much to be thankful for...Maybe a spouse just lost their job, or their house is being foreclosed...When horrible things happen its hard to look at what you do have...My family has been strong this year and I am thankful we are able to see what we are thankful for...and not just take it for granted.

That being said....Our Thanksgiving was great. We visited Chris' brother and his wife. Chris' whole family was their plus more. We had laughs, and football and food. It was yummy and fun. The kids played, and the adults talked. I sat back and admired the setting and I just felt {good}. I felt {complete}. I had Chris next to me, Ben on my lap and the girls playing with their cousins. I was at {peace}.
We then headed to my dads and step moms for a visit...Of course by this time the kids were tired and crabby and many tears later we decided to stop torturing them and headed home for some relaxation and BEDTIME! Chris prepped his list to shop on Black Friday and I got in my cozy jammies and snuggled with a book. Ben in his bed, and the girls playing with some toys...It was a good day.

I missed my mom..ALOT today. Holidays are hard. But I know she is happy down in the heat while we were bundled in our coats, so I try to remember that, on these chilly holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Oh what a great Thanksgiving!! I'm so glad you had a good day!! I know what you mean about missing parents. Mine are not as far away as your's, but I usually don't see them on Thanksgiving, most of the time it's the day after and I always am sad about that. I guess it's the sacrifice I make for marriage, but I'm still thankful that I have my family and Kenny's family to be with. I'm so behind on blog reading, but I'm catching up!! You have come so far from where you were last year at this time....holy crap you guys went through a lot and now you are happy again and things are so good. I'm so thankful we found each other through our blogs!!! I will call you this weekend to chat and catch up!! Love ya girl!

  2. You are so blessed and it's even more awesome that you recognize it. So many people just take it for granted. Sounds like you had a great day! I am ready for my family turkey day tomorrow! kevin's got the turkeys on the smoker now...yum!