November 22, 2009

This weekend I was thankful for...

Saturday November 21, 2009
We took the girls to our annual circus trip this weekend. I say annual because we have been the last 4 years. We are circus people and we love it! Alanna especially. She, as I have mentioned is an animal lover and very much enjoys the circus. We left Ben with Chris' dad and stepmom and he didn't miss us one bit. He was with his nana and she fed him lots of snacks and watched Yo Gabba Gabba with him so he was happy.
A few highlights from the circus:
~It was very bright and fun this year, because I have years before to compare it too, it wasn't my favorite year, but it was still a great show
~Alanna screamed to the Elephants "I Love You Elephants" as they walked out...it was cute. It reminded me of being at a concert and screaming your love to the drummer, hehe!
~We ate lots of cotton candy, and popcorn...SO YUMMY!
So today I am thankful that we get the chance to take our kids places. Whether it be camping, Disney on ice, Florida or the CIRCUS, I am thankful we can do these fun things...It makes great family memories.

Sunday November 22, 2009
Today was another busy day. I had my cousins baby shower. I am very happy for her and her husband. This is their first baby and she is having a little girl. The shower was beautiful, but in an area I was unfamiliar with and I got lost. Thankfully Chris was home with Ben, so I called him and he was able to direct me in the right direction and I got there safely.
Today I am thankful for having a cell phone and that my hubby is a good direction follower. I always freak out when I have to drive some place new and today was no exception. I started to cry and hyperventilate until I found the place I needed to be. Last year when Chris was out of work, I didn't have a cell phone for a few months and I was always nervous when out with the kids. I know some people use their phone to stay in touch, and at times I am guilty of that too, but today I was very grateful just to get some place safely.

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  1. I am notorious for getting lost...my sense of direction is pretty much none existent!