December 15, 2009

a half post

I know that I haven't been around alot lately. I'm sorry for that. I have been busy trying to get Ben well for his surgery and also trying to do that last minute shopping and finding that extra money to do it.

Also I really haven't had much to say. Its been pretty quiet around here. Ben is on his new medicine and almost better. I was giving him a bath lat night and felt in his mouth and he has 5, yes 5 new teeth coming in. So we are dealing with that, but over all Alanna is good and so is Hannah.

We went to see Santa last weekend..I have that picture in my camera that is in the diaper bag that is in the kitchen...a whole 35 feet from me and I don;t have the energy to get it so that will be coming soon.

So until I can actually get my act together here is a half a post.

1 comment:

  1. I am way behind this year...still need to get my cards in the mail and finish up shopping! ahhh!!