December 8, 2009

short and sweet

I know that I have been MIA lately...With Ben being sick and now I am sick, I just don't have the motivation or the energy to write a post. Every time I leave Ben for one second he cries and so I just sit and rock him. The lab tests from last week came in and he has another sinus infection. The dr called in another rx and this one stronger than the last.
Today I took Hannah to the dr and she has an eye infection. I asked the dr to check Ben's ears and he has ANOTHER ear infection. So tubes is a necessity. Surgery is scheduled for December 28th...Hopefully no more ear infections after that and I can get back to our normal. Today was the first day I actually cooked dinner without Ben crying at my feet to hold him..I have high hope we are going up from here.

Stay tuned I have a giveaway coming soon, and its just in time for Christmas!


  1. hopefully ben feels better soon! he just wants his momma around to make him feel better! the tubes made a drastic change in alanna, hopefully it will do the same for ben!

  2. Poor baby Ben!! I'm sure the surgery will go just fine and he will back to his normal bubbly self soon!1