January 30, 2010


Last Monday Ben turned 18 months. I had this great post written in my head, but it never got transferred to the computer. Ben amazes me everyday. Here are a few updates on Benjamin:
  • He still LOVES to cuddle, but only on his command
  • He does everything Alanna does. EVERYTHING
  • His new favorite word is cereal
  • He LOVES the pacifier
  • He carries his blanket around the house and rubs the corner in the space above your mouth, but under your nose. Thats how he calms himself at night
  • He eats everything, all the time
  • His favorite foods are fruit, broccoli, ice cream, cake and cereal
  • Coming in close second is everything else :)
  • His wind down time starts at 6:30 and then he asks to go to bed around 7:30
  • His whiny time of the day is 4:30 and MUST eat dinner at 5 or whiny time lasts until dinner is served
  • He loves bath time. But hates when the water gets turned off.
  • Hates getting his diaper changed. It takes him away from playing, hehe.
  • Says ah-ub-boo ( i love you) at night when I lay him in his bed.
  • Must give everyone a kiss before nap and bed
  • LOVES nap time
  • Wakes up yelling MOMMY every morning. MMM.OOO.MMM.MMM.YYY!
  • Will lay in front of the fire place with his feet in the air to warm them.
  • loves suckers
  • will grab my face and kiss me until I can no longer breathe and I have to pull away, he then pulls me back for more kisses

As you can see, Ben is just as sweet as pie. I cannot remember him not being in our family. He is a great addition and keeps us on our toes. It feels like a few months ago I was bringing this little boy home and wondering if he would be an easy baby. Hes had his moments, but over all he was and still is a great eater, sleeper and player. I can't imagine life without my little boy.

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  1. Awwww...what a sweetheart! You gotta post of pic of him warming his feet by the fire!! that sounds precious!!