January 21, 2010

Wash Them Grow

4:00 pm is the start of rush hour in our house. 4:00 pm is when Hannah gets home from school. She sits at the table and eats a snack and then starts her homework. 4:00 pm is the time the little kids wake up from their nap and are STARVING for their snack.
4:30 pm dinner gets started and by 5:30/6:00 dinner is on the table.
By the time dinner is cleaned up and the kitchen put back in order its usually around 7:00pm. 7:00 pm starts bath time. We go in order from youngest to oldest. As soon as bath times are done its hugs, kisses and bed. The last child is in bed at 9:00pm.

So you see we are busy from 4:00 to 9:00 without much time in between. Bedtime is our hectic time, trying to get everyone their special hugs and kisses that we don;t always have a lot of time for bedtime stories. I know reading is very important so I always read the kids a story during bath time..This way we have plenty of time to read 2-3 books and the kids are happy to play and listen. When its time to get in bed they know they have already had their bedtime story and so we have more time for snuggles.

Recognizing that bath time is a common pre-bed ritual in many households. The Suave Kids Wash Them Grow Campaign encourages you to recognize your child's bath time routine as an opportunity to teach, nurture and transition your child through the stages of growth and cleansing.

To kick-off this campaign, Suave Kids has launched the Wash Them Grow Sweepstakes on January 18, 2010, with chances to win awesome weekly prizes like a Family e-Keepsake Kit (that includes a video camera, laptop and digital camera) and the Grand Prize of a family vacation to Orlando! Simply head over to WashThemGrow.com to play a fun online trivia game and receive an automatic entry into the Suave Kids® Wash Them Grow Sweepstakes.

This past week the kids have been testing out 4 sauve for kids products. Hannah loves the moisturizing body wash. She says it leaves her skin feeling soft and smooth. Alanna LOVES the Strawberry and Berry scents. Anything that makes her smell "pretty" is her favorite, and Ben has been using the Free and Gentle body wash. Since he is still so young the dye free wash works best on his baby sensitive skin. All of these products are tear free and it allows the little kids to feel "grown up" washing themselves. That leaves me worrying less about them getting soap in their eyes.

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