February 19, 2010

Minnie's Bow-Tique

Since our trip to Disney World a couple years ago, Alanna has loved all things Minnie.  She watches Mickey Mouse Club House to see what Minnie is doing and if she is having fun with Mickey Mouse.  With that being said, she was overly excited when I told her about Minnie's Bow-Tique.

When Minnie has her grand opening of her new store, she has something to offer to everyone, well except maybe Pete.  Pete needs a present for his Aunt Mabel and has no idea what to buy for her.  With the help from Alanna, Minnie and friends Pete picks out the most special gift.

This movie is perfect for the little girl in your life.  It also features additional episodes of Minnie's Bee Story, Minnie's Picnic and Minnie's Pajama Party.  Just like the Bow-Tique, there is something for every little girl to enjoy!

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