March 25, 2010

Alanna, she is growing up!

Today I took my middle child for kindergarten registration.  What better way to describe how I am feeling than with bullets...here we go!
  • I am very excited for Alanna to go to kindergarten.  Even though she is what you call a young 5.  Meaning her birthday is in November and the cut off is December 1st.  She will be 4 still when she starts school in the fall, she is so ready for this.  She has had 2 years of preschool so far.  The 1st yr was the homebase preschool where the teacher came to our house 1 day a week and then every other Friday she went to school to play with the other kids.  This year she is center based and goes 4 days a week for half days.  She loves school and is so ready for this
  • I am sort of sad because it means another one of my sweet little girls are heading off to school.  I will miss being able to tickle her before her nap time and spending my afternoons with her at my side.  
  • I am even more sad that I am not more emotional about this.  When the thought of school came to mind with Hannah I would tear up.  I cried the 1st day of school and half way to work.  I was not ready to let go.  I feel Alanna is getting denied some of that emotional mother on the 1st day of school.  Maybe I will be more emotional when the time actually comes since it is only March right now and it was just registration and not the actual going to school part. 
  • I feel silly for wanting to be more emotional (enough said)
  • I am so proud of Alanna.  I often think of her as your standard middle child..craving that attention and doing bad things she knows she should not be doing like hitting and biting (sometimes, not often).  Alanna is that child that makes you want to pull your hair out at the end of the day.  But then I sit back and realize she is SO SMART.  She is already doing addition when her and Hannah play school.  She can add any numbers that you give her if they are single digits.  She can already remember words and starting to read.  She remembers things that happened 2 years ago, like our trip to Florida when she was 2.  She has so much energy and is so bright and so smart she amazes me that she is only 4.  I have to remember to look at her in this new light.


  1. Wow...time flies! She is precious for sure!! And, I bet you get emotional the day you leave her at school for the first time! :-)

  2. It all goes by much too fast.

    My middle girl, Princess Magpie, is only 20 months old and I am constantly amazed by how smart she is.

  3. She is a smarty pants for sure!! You will get teared up when she's on the bus driving away.