April 22, 2010

Meet Taj the Tiger

A couple of weeks ago I gave a clue to a really fun review I was doing and now the suspense is over.

When I was asked to do a review for Baby Cribs, I originally had Alanna is mind.  I let her pick what she thought would be fun, and when the box arrived, it was Alanna that ripped it open. 

Alanna LOVES her Zoobie Pet, but so does her brother.  What is a Zoobie Pet?  Its a stuffed animal, blanket and pillow in one.  Alanna choose Taj the Tiger.  At first he is a stuffed animal that you can play with and snuggle with.  The fur is super soft, and perfect for Ben to cuddle with after his bath while watching some TV before bed. 
I love that the blanket zips into the pouch.  It makes it easy to fold and put away.  The blanket is big enough for Alanna to be covered from head to toe, Ben likes the blanket because it is super soft and fun to cuddle with.  

Both the kids love the idea that stuffed animal turns into a blanket and pillow.  They just thought that was the neatest thing,  Taj the Tiger comes in many, many different animal some being a panda, orangutan, cheetah, polar bear, koala, baboon, wildebeast, water buffalo, turkey, caterpillar and much more. I love all the different animals, so unique.  

Ordering from Baby Cribs was super easy and fast too.  I got my order just a few days after the order was placed.  It arrived on my doorstep wrapped up neat.

Taj the Tiger and his friends would be a great thing to take on long car rides.  With 3 kids the van is always packed to the max.  This way each child will have a toy to play with and a pillow or blanket to use on the way.

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  1. My Brother (and my sister) would love this!!