May 6, 2010

Road Runner*

We tried TBall practice again Tuesday.  It went VERY well.  
She warmed up with her team.
Played in the rocks while she should have been catching the ball
Ran the bases.  She is the fastest girl and the 2nd fastest on the team.  
GO, Alanna "Road Runner" King*
And sat down on the job, while waiting for her turn
Yup we are so proud of her.  She did punk out the last 10 minutes of practice, but she was done.  We have practice again today.  Heres hopin for a repeat of Tuesday and if all goeas well we should officially have a T-Baller on our hands.


*Before practice on Tuesday Alanna was explaining to me how fast she can run.  She compared herself to a road runner.  So we nicked named her Alanna "road runner" King. 

To see all the pictures taken before my camera died, click here


  1. Anonymous5/06/2010

    ...and what a cute road runner she is too!

  2. Love the nickname! And the look of determination when she is running the bases! Super cute!