May 25, 2010

Still here...

My mind is not in blog land anymore, but my heart is.  There are days where I tell myself to sit and write a post, but never gt the chance and then there are days where I just don't care if I am on the computer or not.

I try to read blogs when the kids are eating breakfast or napping.  Thats the only free time I have lately.  Alanna is out of preschool for the summer (a future blog post, I hope) and I don't want the kids in front of the TV all day long so we play outside, or inside depending on the weather and come naptime I usually sleep too because we played so hard.

I have about 6 or 7 blog posts I need to get here in order to document what we were doing this past month.  My mom coming to visit and surprising Hannah for her birthday, meeting my nephew Brody for the first time, Hannah's 10 th birthday party, Alanna's last day of preschool, and so much more.  SOON, I promise I will sit down in front of the computer and write it all out, but for now I have to go play in the sprinkler one more time.

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  1. That sounds much more fun! I'd be mad at you except I keep up on facebook! ha!