January 2, 2011

11 things in 2011

Things I want to do in 2010

  1. donate to a charity without worrying about where the money is going to come from
  2. read at least 2 books a month
  3. start recycling
  4. paint my bedroom- the colors are picked out
  5. plant a garden- have all the stuff, just ran out of time to do it..hopefully next year
  6. go to Florida for Christmas-
  7. put at least $50 a month in savings
  8. get the grocery bill at $70 a week
  9. potty train Ben before he turns 2- we start on this next week...hes 2 1/2
  10. lose 50 pounds
  11. make somebody feel special
  12. send a birthday card to everyone in my family on their birthday-didn't mail one, but have messaged or called everyone
  13. take the kids camping this summer
  14. plan a bloggy meet up with my southern gals (Tana, Lori this means you, Lindsey you too)
  15. meet my nephew Brody
  16. reconnect with my older sister and brother
  17. volunteer my time
  18. get a family picture taken by a professional-
  19. try something I never thought I would
  20. adopt a family for next Christmas

Wow 2010 went by fast.  So many things happened this past year, lost a very close family member, some distant friends, and new babies were born.  I didn't accomplish everything I set out to do in 2010, but I am proud of myself for what I did accomplish.  Some of my goals will be the same and others will be added.  So here it goes.

 11 Things in 2011
1.  Lose 50 pounds-I turn 30 this year, and I want to feel good
2.  Plant a garden
3.  Finally paint my bedroom-the colors are picked out, I just hate painting :)
4.  Potty train Ben...this is starting in just a few weeks, after we break his pacifier habit
5.  Stay connected with my family. 
6.  Stop swearing-lately I have become a sailor, and its not attractive :)
7.  Take the kids camping this summer
8.  Remember that I am a person too, and not just defined as "mom"
9.  Visit North Carolina and meet up with my Uncle, and mom again.
10.  Replenish the savings account
11.  Stop and listen to the kids, and not judge or yell right from the beginning.

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  1. I need to replinish my savings too! It's almost empty...
    Good list! Will you come paint my office when you finish your bedroom? ha