May 15, 2011

Sharpays Fabulous Adventure

A couple of weeks ago I received Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure in the mail.  I thought it would be a fun movie for Hannah to watch, since she LOVED all the High School Musical movies..and who wouldn't with all the fun music and characters. 

This movie is a spin off of the Sharpay character played by Ashley Tisdale.  Sharpay has never lacked self-confidence, so when a Broadway casting agent sees her perform with her dog Boi and offers to set up an audition in New York, Sharpay assumes she'll immediately succeed as a Broadway star. Her father is skeptical, but Sharpay quickly arranges for a penthouse in New York, sets up an appointment to audition, and convinces her father to give her a month to follow her dreams and achieve success. New York has some surprises in store for the aspiring young actress, starting with a no-pets policy that lands Sharpay and her dog out on the street on their very first day in town.

This movie is sweet, funny and just the right amount of pink.  Hannah has watched this movie at least 3 times this week and says that it never get old.   This movie is a great movie for teenagers, particularly, one with the acting bug.   

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  1. I liked that movie that was a good one!