July 17, 2011

summer sum up

Wow!  Its been awhile.  I dont even know where to begin.  We have a temporary computer.  My sister  had an extra laptop that was broken and said if we could fix it we could have it....we fixed it!

So much has been happening this last month.  The girls are on summer vacation which means that its extra busy around the house.  But im getting ahead of my self, so lets start from the beginning.

My was busy.  I had surgery, my mother came to visit from Florida to help with the kids while I was laid up.  I also had my brother, SIL and niece and and nephew staying here awhile.  Also in May was Hannah's 11th birthday.  I cant believe that my baby is growing into such a beautiful young lady.  She deserves her very own post, which she will get very soon.
  May also marked 1 yr for my mother in law passing away.  It was a stressful year but the family pulled through.  We went to Mackinac (Upper Michigan) so we could all be together and remember.  It was a freat getaway and a fun time.

June just flew by.  It was filled with sun, sand and beaches.  We also snuck in a small camping trip over Fathers day weekend.  That also happens to be the weekend my dad had a major heart attack that affected the whole family.  He also deserves his own post, so keep an eye out for that :)
June was also the month we started potty training Ben

And here we are in July already.  We had a wedding over the 4th, Chris' nephew is in the Marines it was a quick but beautiful wedding.  We have "camped out" at my husbands step fathers farm, pond, fire, smores, its like out own private campground just for  us, its beautiful!  July is also the month that I turn 30, and Ben turns 3.  Potty training is going GREAT!  Ben deserves his own post as well!  And lets not forget about Alanna.  She learned how to ride a 2 wheeler with NO training wheels over the weekend.  She is now a pro and deserves her own post as well.

So that about sums up everything thats been going on around here.  I know I have been out of touch and promise to get back into the swing of things.  I also have been very crafty lately and cant wait to show you my projects and also have many more to start. Thanks for being so patient and not losing faith in me and my absence. 

~With love~


  1. Yay for scoring a computer! You know I miss you when you don't blog! :)

  2. it's great to see what you've been up! YAY for Ben and the PT- and YAY for Alana riding her bike!