August 14, 2011

Silver Lake, Lake Michigan

Last weekend, Chris and I took the kids camping in Silver Lake, Michigan.  Its a beautiful setting with the sand dunes and Lake Michigan practically everywhere you look.  Chris' brothers and sister and all their families shared the amazing adventure with us.  Below are just a few of the pictures from our trip to the beach on Lake Michigan.
 the "small" sand dunes
 playing in the waves
 beautiful light house
 the "big" dunes
 sand dunes
 a little blurry, but more "mountains" of sand
 Alanna says it looked like a desert {grin}
 more of the light house
 playing in the sand
 concentrating on the sand castle
 family swim
 trying to bury Jack the dog
 still trying
 guess the dog wasn't working, so they buried Uncle Troy
 Sand Castle, Uncle Troy
 trying to get the kids sleepy, so they take a nap later, LOL
 Ben and Daddy in the lake

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