September 25, 2006

Total hotty from hotland

I still don't feel well. I have a low temp, a stuffy nose, and my throat hurts. My whole body aches like I was hit by something really big and hard, get your mind out of the getto, and stop thinking that way I mean like a bus or a train sickos! Alanna is getting sick too, yay can't wait.

On a happy thought, here is a really cute picture of Chris that I took tonight of him in his new glasses.
I think he looks HOT, just like I feel.

If I don't post a whole lot this week, its because I don't feel well, and it takes a lot of energy to be here. I do promise to check back with ya though. Just sayin, if I'm gone a couple of days...don't worry all is fine in the land of snot.


  1. HELLOOOOOOOOO HOTTIE!! I mean that in a good way Tasha. He looks smart and sassy! And just like Alanna!

  2. so sweet!!!!
    he is a hottie! You got yourself a keeper :)
    I love the glasses and the button up shirt look....