September 28, 2006

She's Back

See that look on his face, he gets that when he is trying to amuse me. He likes to keep me happy. Want more? Go here

Okay I am back...Sorry for the mini vacation I took, but I was totally sick. The wonderful thing about it was I got Alanna sick. She is even sicker that I was. Today she started to run a fever of 102. I took her to the Dr and the exact words the Dr said after looking in Alanna's ear was "wow, that is a BAD ear infection" I swear he said that. So now I feel like the WORST mom because every time Chris said, Alanna tugged on her ear again maybe she has an ear infection, I would say in return, naw she is just teething, remember when she got her second tooth, all she did was play with her ear. Yeah, so for 4 days now, I've been a "know it all" mom and Chris has been the cautious daddy and was right all a long. I'm still trying to figure out though if I am upset that Alanna is in pain or if its from Chris being right. I'll give point +1 this time...but it will NEVER happen again. Just kidding, Chris really is a good dad and I couldn't ask for a better man to be in my life. Well except for the days he makes me mad. Oh and of course there are the days he plays xbox all day and okay I guess I could make a list, but I still love him and he really is an awesome dad.

My future SIL and I have been talking about a certain baby's 1st birthday coming soon. She suggested a REALLY cute "pumpkin" theme. I am so excited she is coming up with all these great ideas for decorations and games. Maybe I should just hire her to do the party and I can sit back and enjoy stress free. Its amazing how such a simple birthday party can turn you into a nightmare. The food, the decorations, the people, the family, AHHHH! it makes me want to scream just thinking about it. Remember just a month ago Chris and I had a BBQ over Labor day weekend? Yeah that was stressful, but nothing compared to your childs birthday party. Thats because we as parents want our children to have the best of the best and everything go right...like the outcome of the 1st birthday will mold the life of the child. Well maybe not to those extremes, but you get my stress factor, right? I still have about 6 weeks to plan and buy everything, but on top of that I have Christmas and the wedding and everything else that involves saving money. I'm ready for a vacation from me.
On a happy note, I am going dress shopping again this weekend. I'm hoping to decide on a dress. I still have my favorite in my mind, but I figured I should see a variety of dresses before I make the decision. Once I choose my dress, I can get started on finding Hannah's. She is going to be my miniature bride, so her dress will be very similar to mine. My mom is going to make Alanna's dress, Alanna will be a flower girl. The dress I found for Alanna was like $100 in the store, for an 18 month old, I don't think so. So my crafty momma is going to recreate something with a smaller price tag, like 75% smaller. I am very happy about that. All my girls LOVE the dresses I picked for them to wear, at least thats what they tell me. My girls are pretty laid back and are great people, thats why I asked them to be there for me. Thanks girls!
Okay I am tired and have to go..ta-ta for now.

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