October 1, 2006

Fun Stuff

What an exhausting weekend. I went Saturday on a day long journey for a dress. I tried on 13 different dresses and all were so many different styles. When Chris asked me to marry him I started right away looking for dresses. I had a particular style in mind and tried on every variation I could find, and you know what? I bought something totally different. Not even a similar style. But I'll tell you what.....its THE one. It is so beautiful. I can not wait to put in on and walk down the aisle.

My mom found the CUTEST darn pumpkin costume for Alanna today. We are having a "pumpkin" theme birthday party for Alanna's 1st birthday and I wanted to get a picture of her in a pumpkin costume to put on her invitations.....I can't wait. Alanna is the cutest pumpkin in the world. If she was a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch she would be the 1st pumpkin to be chosen. Don't believe me..Check it out....... Pretty unbelievable huh? Told ya so.

Hannah stayed the night over her friends house last night, she is growing up so fast. It was the 1st time she stayed at a friends house. She had a blast. The house has an indoor pool and in Michigan, that is like a dream come true. She she went swimming, rollerblading, and they also went to the library. I had to practically carry her to the car to come home. I don't blame her, I wouldn't want to come home either. Heck, I wanted to go play with her.

So that was the summary of the weekend. I should be back more this week with me starting to feel better. Hope you all had a happy and safe weekend....I'm trying to stall before Monday comes....BLAH MONDAYS...

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  1. OMG.......... she is the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen!!!!