October 28, 2006

dance 101

So Chris and I have been starting to think about "our" song that we are gonna dance to at our wedding. Actualy come to think about it I have been thinking about the song, not so much Chris. I have a few in mind and wanted to get your opinions. Tell me what you think and be honest, this is an important disicion. Okay here is the list

Tim McGraw-My Best Friend
Allison Krause-You say It Best
(Who sings this song originally, I can't think of it)

I have the 1st one on my myspace page so I linked to it so you can hear it. These are the top 3 right now but they could change. Do you have any suggestions? If you're married what was your song?
I also am having trouble thinking of a song for the wedding party to dance to. Maybe I'll use one of the above songs if I don't use them for the 1st dance. I already know I'm gonna dance to Tim McGraw-My Little Girl , (Chris has it on his myspace account, so you can click on it and here it playing.) with my dad for the daddy daughter dance. I'm not sure if Chris has anything in mind for his song to dance to with his mom. Hey why we are at it, have any suggestons for that?


  1. I'm new to visiting your blog and love your layout. When You Say Nothing At All was originally sung by Keith Whitley. I love the wedding songs you are thinking about. You Save Me by Kenny Chesney is beautiful! When my hubby and I got married our songs were How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes, I Do (Cherish You) by Mark Wills, and All My Life by K-ci & JoJo. Rascal Flatts has some great wedding songs. Alabama also has a great song Forever Is As Far As I'll Go. Good luck in your song search and Congrats on the upcoming wedding.

  2. I haven't heard the Kenny Chesney song or the Tim McGraw, but I do quite like When You Say Nothing At All. The song at our wedding was Angels by Robbie Williams. We had a whole bunch of music we wanted added to our wedding video though and we made special wedding CDs instead of a cheesy DJ filled with all of our favourite songs so it didn't really feel like one specific wedding song for us though.. Good luck!