October 30, 2006

stupid blogger

I am so MAD at blogger right now I could spit....*SPAT*, there I feel little bit better. Last night I had this big, long, nice post about going to get pumpkins and carving them and cute pictures posted and then.....nothing. I get this error message that says blogger cannot be connected your page may not be saved or published as requested. I was pissed. Then today I log in and poof, still not there, no blogger. I just got blogger back at 5:00 this evening. It may have been a little sooner, but a girl has to pretend to work while at work. This is really making me nervous with the blogging every day in November right around the corner. HELLO, how am I supposed to blog everyday if blogger is not being a good site and allowing me to log in?
So anyways last nights post went something like this.....

I didn't make it to the apple orchard this year with the girls because the Michigan weather did not cooporate. Instead Chris and I took the girls to a house down the road that was all decorated and selling pumpkins. We took pics of the girls and had a lot of fun. See ALL the pics here.

We carved the pumpkins last night. Ever since I was little, I have hated carving pumpkins so this is a Chris and Hannah project. Alanna and I sat back and played. Hannah was the designer and Chris is the carver. Chris made Hannah clean the insides out. She complained the whole time....ewwww this is gross. We laughed, she is such a prissy, prissy princess.

I know I had more intelligent things to say, but I just cannot think right now. Hopefully blogger will work tomorrow and the next day so I can blog everyday in November...I am so nervous. What if I run out of things to say. If you have any ideas comment here and leave them for me to use, when I run out of boring topics to talk about.


  1. Tasha-

    Think of it this way....you can use WORDLESS WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY 13, and that meme that Lindsay does on Saturday with the pictures, and that takes care of 3 days a week!! Then you only need to come up with 4 more, and I'm thinking with Alanna's b-day and Thanksgiving (and all the prep), there will be tons to write about. And all your wedding planning too!! Girl, what are you worried about?? You'll be great!! I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Anonymous11/02/2006

    Bloody Blogger.It's really been playing silly buggars lately. I'm not surprised that so many other Bloggers have been going off and finding other homes to blog from.