October 26, 2006

found it

Yay, I found my camera. I was really freakin out. I took it to the birthday party and then couldn't find it. I called the bowling alley, I called Chris's Step sister-she was the mom of the bday girl and she didn't see it either. I had Chris go outside in the car and check the stroller and it was NO WHERE. just as I was about to break down and cry....because it was my camera....I went back outside and checked the stroller. Wouldn't you know it was right in the top tray. I ran inside and Chris was all like, I looked in there. Our stoller has a tray on top where the handle it and the tray has a lid...yup right in there sat the camera, and its not that big so there was no way of missing it. I love the way gutys look for things. I bet chris just opened the trunk and closed it because the camera didn't scream, here I am open the tray on the stoller!

I tried to get on blogger last night and it was down or something, so I didn't get to post the pictures I wanted to. Now I am at work and cannot so go here and check Hannah out as she tried to bowl and other cute pictures of the girls

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