October 24, 2006

Miss me?

I know I have been gone forever, and I have so much to say. For starters I am so sorry I have been gone, but Chris has been doing things to the computer at night and I have been to tired to wait until he is done to get on. We have been busy over here with school, work and family. Chris' niece had her 3rd birthday last Sunday at a local bowling alley...it was fun. Hannah got to bowl and hang out with all the kids, while the adults got to mingle and watch the little ones try to roll the ball. I would post pics but at this time I am currently wondering where the camera is. Chris is not happy with me about that one.

I tried to take the girls to the apple orchard last weekend and wouldn't;t ya know Michigan weather wouldn't let me....It was cold and rainy. Hopefully I can get it to corporate one day this weekend so we can go, and if I find the camera take pictures.

I joined up for NaBloPoMo, now I have no excuses not to write something. Its gonna be tough but I think I can handle a challenge. You should go check it out and make a comment if you want to join.

I put new pics of US on...come check it out and see what we've been up to.

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  1. I think it'll be a huge struggle, but I signed up for it as well!