October 17, 2006

How about throwing me a bone here?

I know I have been a horrible blogger lately and that always seems to be my excuse. Its just I work everyday and when I get home I have been trying to spend it with both Hannah and Alanna. Once they are in bed I come to the computer and read all your blogs, but then I get to tired to post and go to bed. See what you all do to me...you make me slack on my on site..just kidding. I did get this really cute Halloween game in my email the other day from my sister in law Brenda. Go ahead and click on the picture and play Halloween Hangman, I'll wait. Make sure your volume is up because he is so cute when he talks...yes ladies he talks even when he is dead. Its really cute, check it out. So did you enjoy? I told you I would wait.

Okay thats all I have for now. The girls and I are going to the apple orchard this weekend, I promise I will have cute pictures for you soon.


  1. I played the game and I love it!! It's addicting too!

  2. I played it like 5 times, and only got 1 word right LOL

    Yeah, I am needin' a picture of the girls!!!!

    Are you gonna do pictures in their costumes, like professional ones??? I cant decide since it is his first Halloween????

  3. Cute Blog Tasha! And congrats on your engagement. Been there and now I'm part of a big happy, but scrambled (others might say blended)family. LOL.

    Cool idea to post the game.