October 15, 2006

sunday morning rambles

I've had people email me wanting to know what the picture below of Alanna is. It is the picture for her invitations to her birthday party. My step dad photo shopped her in the picture and then tweaked it a little. I hate to sound so snobby, but damn shes cute! I have never been so crafty before, I don't know whats getting into me. Normally I would have went to the store to by plain old BDay invites and be done with it. I even bought Christmas cards this year to send out...I know, whats up with that? Maybe its the fact that Chris and I are engaged and I'm feeling more...homey(?). Yeah thats it maybe more homey. You know being part of a new family and seeing them as my family too. I mean Chris and I have been together for almost 3 years now and I have loved his family since the beginning, but now its like I'm here for good and not just another girlfriend. Its a good feeling.

Last night Chris and I hung out together. Its always nice when we get to do that. Chris used to play in a band Rotation and they always play a Halloween show at our friends house. Its a house out in the country with corn fields. They decorate the pull barn with lights and a stage and HUGE speakers. Its awesome. My ears are still ringing. There is always about 3-4 local bands playing and its a good time.
So we went there last night. Even though Chris isn't in the band anymore he is still really good friends with all of them. Chris was in the band for 6 or 7 years and then one day while I was pregnant he called from Cleveland OH, where they were recording a CD and asked me to come get him...He was done! So I did and that was that, no more band. He doesn't like to talk about it much, so I leave him alone about the subject. So back to last night. We went and had a few beers and sen old friends. I still see people from highschool and we try to catch up in one night. I actually seen my old boyfriend from 2nd grade...yup he was my 1st "do you like me YES or NO" kind of fling. We have been friends since kindergarten and see each other out and about every now and then, its nice being in the same town I grew up in. Are night was fun and cold. I was wearing my winter coat, a hat and gloves. Chris made fun of me when we left the house, but he was the one freezing all night long....thats what he gets for being a "MAN".

Oh did I tell you??? Alanna has been saying mamamamamamama (just like that) for some time now. Its been nice hearing her say it, but she never actually just said mama, and related it to me, well when I went onto her room this morning, she looked right at me and said Mama, and stated jumping up and down...it was so sweet. She is so lovable and cuddly.

Wow this post is getting a little to long for my tatse, if you stuck around and read my book of a post congrats to you. I never have much going on during the week, but the weekends are a little bit more exciting. Sorry for the rambles today, check back with you later!

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