November 13, 2006

Day 13-karaoke

I went out with the girls on Saturday night. It was so nice to put the girls to bed and instead of going through my nightly routine I got ready to go out. I met a few girls at the bowling alley and they had already started to bowl. They had already been through 4 pictures of beer in about an hour...I could slowly tell where this night was heading. A few more showed up and we decided to go check out the bowling alley bar with karaoke. I am not a singer and more often than not Chris makes fun of me even humming.....I have no tune whats so ever. Lets just say the next time I say I am thinking about going out with the girls....Remind me that beer plus karaoke do not mesh well together, and I am NOT Britney Spears singing, I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL during karaoke! Thanks

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