November 19, 2006

day 19~its official

When Chris and I decided to get married we were camping over the 4th of July weekend. We were sittting in the cabin talking about getting married and Chris said "lets do it....start planning". I looked at him and said "are you serious" and he said "yes". We decided on a date and when we got home started planning. We have the ceremony site, the reception hall, my dress, Hannah's dress, the cake, the flowers and my ring. He never really got down on one knee and purposed, and I was fine with that. Chris has never been the romantic type and I have dealt with that over the years. It lways would have been nice to have a proper purposal, but was happy because I am going to marry the man that I love. For the last couple of weeks Chris has been acting weird like he has something on his mind. Yesterday on the way to Hannah's dance recital he brought up the subject of asking my dad for permission to marry me. I looked at him and laughed and told him it was kinda to late now, because we have everything planned and what if he says no. Not that my dad would have said no, but the wedding is in 5 months and we have paid out money already. Chris said he still feels like he should have a talk with my dad and will do it at Alanna's birthday party. I said okay anjd dropped it. Well at the party Chris went to go pick up the pizza for dinner and asked my dad if he would like to go. My dad said okay and went for the ride. When they got back Chris told me they talked and my dad gave his blessings. Then a little bit later Chris tells everyone he has an announcement and needs everyone to gather around in the dining room. He comes in with a big box in hand and gets down on one knee in front of me. In front of all our friends and family Chris officially asked me to marry him. Tears instantly came to my eyes and of course I said yes. Everyone cheered. Oh, what was in the box you ask? Look here. It was a cake!
My Christopher CAN be romantic. After the party I asked if he came up with the idea on his own...he said yes. I told him he was in trouble now because I expect him to be creative for now on at all holidays, birthdays, and special occasions! Reason 365,485 that Chris is the right one for me.


  1. Oh Sweetie that is soooooo romantic!!! COngratulations again! How sweet and thoughtful! I honestly have tears while I am reading the last part of your post!

  2. Anonymous11/19/2006

    I'm having problems with posting comments but that was soo sweet! :)

  3. Anonymous11/20/2006

    Came to your blog by clicking "random site" (crazyhipblogmamas) and found a great story...thanks for sharing it! BTW, you have a wonderful cake decorator. I love the pumpkin cake too! :)

  4. so sweet! I love the cake I wanna stick my finger inthe icing!

  5. Anonymous11/21/2006

    That is wonderful! Congrats. And yes, very romantic. Nice job, Chris!!